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From Everything.Sucks was a website focusing on online hotel reservations. Its listing included various types of accommodation. started in the year 1994 as Venere Net Srl an Online Travel Agency based in Rome, Italy. In 2008, it was acquired by Expedia Group. The president of the company was Johan Svanstrom. The company offered scholarships for Business & Management and Tourism students in Europe and Australia.

Venere website has terrible customer service and reservations can be canceled without notice, Stephen K.shared a review on

"AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Please avoid this site, I booked a room through them for a hotel in Dublin, a week later the hotel ring me directly demanding full payment for the room. I rang Venere who was totally disinterested - 24 hours later the hotel have canceled my booking and Venere failed to call me back. For sake of not spoiling you break away book through someone else to avoid disappointment."


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Larry Olson says

"Do not use Venere for any reason whatsoever. I was charged for 5 nights at a guesthouse in Thailand when I could only stay for 2 days. Reason I had to leave was because I got physically sick staying in the room because it smelled of sewage. It was HORRIBLE. I called Venere to only be charged for two nights, not 5, and the wait on the phone was 40 minutes. After I actually talked to a person and told them of my problem, they gave me a non working # and then hung up the phone. Customer service is terrible and all they want is to scam you out of your hard earned money. If you have any problems with flight or hotel, kiss your money goodbye because they will not help you. What you will get is a hang up on the phone. SCAM outfit."

Patricia LeBlanc says

"Please BEWARE. I booked through Venere for a Hotel in Burgandy France. The hotel had no record of my booking. My bank researched the transaction and found that a hotel in TURKEY had been booked instead. I have left several messages and emails to Venere over the past two weeks. No reply from Venere customer service, Also Venere is owned by Expedia. My bank records show that Expedia was the final broker to transaction. I tried to resolve through Expedia . I was instructed by Expedia customer service to open a fraud case through my bank. What a mess. I am loathe to think of the consequences for my family if I had not double checked ."

S Stevenson says

"Booked hotel in Tenerife all seemed ok. Then suspicious activity on my credit card for 76p relating to Delta Airline? Card was cancelled then Venere contacted me to say that it was they who had charged the 76p, under Delta? The rebooked under a different credit card, first had been cancelled. Just got an email from Venere to say this has now been refused. Replied to email and got, sorry we don't monitor this address! Avoid Venere like the plague!"

Matt H says

"I tried to book a hotel at Disneyland Paris for October half term. The venere app had a discount code making it the cheapest out of the Expedia family ( trivago all the same company but with different prices and discounts - shop around!). The hotel had 3 different rooms - room only / room with park tickets / room with park tickets and half board. Now try as I might - and I tried via phone / email speaking to 6 different customer service reps (based in India / Malaysia / the Philippines) I could not get a definite answer to 2 simple questions: 1. How many days park tickets are included (website simply says park tickets - no further info) 2. What type of half board is included? Disney have hotel only, standard, plus and premium and each level gives you access to more places to eat throughout the park (website simply says half board) You would think these would be straightforward for a company booking thousands of hotels an hour and part of one of the world's largest online travel agencies - think again! I had answers ranging from 1 days ticket for 1 person to tickets for us all for the 4 days we were staying. The dining question they could not answer and told me to ring the hotel. How would the hotel know what is included in a third party website advert. Nobody would commit an answer to email so I had some form of comeback on arrival at the hotel. Incredibly poor show! I think I will book direct with Disney for piece of mind and to know exactly what I am getting before I arrive!"

Ognian Botoucharov says

"Pretend I have left it though this is not true and obviously does not appear anywhere."

CEH says

"This company has very poor customer service or not enough people to answer customer's calls. I spend over 50 minutes on hold, on the two times I had to call to confirm my reservation. If the company does not want to spend money on paying customer services reps then don't promise good service, as simple as that."

Jackie Natan; says

"We booked are hotel for 5 with in Cyprus , once we made it to the hotel the reception staff told us that there is no booking with our name and that they are sorry but the hotel is full , although Venere sent us booking confirmation and charged us at the same day we booked. At this moment I am stuck with 5 family members trying to find ourselves another hotel. After calling Venere they sent us email which they are sorry but they WONT refund us as the hotel did charge them , so we went back to the hotel and asked if its right , they said its totally wrong and that have never seen any booking with our name on it so they can't charge anything. Very bad way to start a vacation ,thank you We will handle it thought the credit company."

Ms Elizabeth Dry says

"I chose to use Venere to book a hotel as they had sent me a viscount voucher. All the way through the booking process no option was given to enter the code. I called their helpline. The first person I spoke to I could not understand, I then spoke to the manager who simply kept repeating that if I had paid in full the voucher option would have been applied. He then told me to cancel the booking and reapply and choose the pay in full choice (this did not appear as a choice, so unable to do this), I told him I did not want to do this as I had booked the last room, and may then not be able to rebook. He then changed his story and said the problem was the hotel took all my payment details but I pay in full when I arrive, so I can not use a discount code. Many hotels are like this and so how can you advertise a discount when it is only applied to a few hotels. This should be stated clearly or surely it is a breach of trading standards, leading people to believe they will get a discount when it is quite unlikely they will not. Shoddy company whose service desk, do not speak good English, give conflicting information, are ill informed and did not seem to be interested and just kept repeating the same thing, whilst not listening. I will not use again."

Paula Gillen says

"I made a reservation through this company for a hotel to attend a wedding on the 13th of February. The reservation was made months in advance. I specifically made a point to inform them that my husband and I would require a ground floor room and disable parking close to the building as we have mobility issues. I would NEVER consider a hotel with nothing but stairs to get to the room. We arrived early at the hotel in order to get the suitcase and ourselves installed and change for the wedding. When we arrived, we found that the hotel only had rooms after climbing a long set of stairs and had no knowledge of our special requirements. Needless to say, we were stuck with no where to go (being Valentine weekend) and had to miss the wedding and travel all the way back home. They totally ruined what was suppose to be a lovely weekend seeing dear friends and celebrating a beautiful occasion. They don't care one iota. They wasted our time and money. I will never consider booking anything with them and no one should either!"

Minna Aalto says

"We booked a room through and the confirmation stated that If we cancel the booking, we would be charged 30% fee. Hovewer, we cancelled the booking with the hotel directly, twice, actually. After the first cancellation the hotel still thought that we are going there so we cancelled it again. After few days, we had been charged 100% fee. The hotel claimed that venere takes 100% fee and even though we sent them the screencaps of the reservation (with the text about 30% fee) they just kept saying about the 100% fee. The hotel staff doesn't understand english almost at all and I don't think venere's customer service either. And the reason we cancelled? didn't bother telling that the hotel lies at the mountain, only accessible by cable car that runs couple of hours/day, Only AFTER the reservation and getting our credit card info, the site stated that "please notice that the hotel is inaccessible by car"."

Netanel Kvn says

"You will see one price before you book, than they will inform you by email about additional charges after you make your reservation and the hotel will add you more charges not mentioned anywhere"

Jennifer says

"I am now really appalled by the changes. When trying to talk to thie customer service they could not find my reservation made through the new website their customer service could not access the site or my reservation. The representative was certain that I did not have a reservation, but was not willing to send a notification in writing. After wasting a fair amount of my time he was eventually able to find the reservation, only upon my insistence that I had a reservation. This error on Venere's site could have cost me a fair amount of money and frustration. That this is incompetence of the highest degree is an understatement, and after 10 years you have lost my confidence and business"

tony says

"They quote me the price for 3 nights staying in Apartments Sata Olimpic Village but they overcharge me in my credit card. They are trying to wash their hand that it was the hotel directly charge me in the different price and I have to deal directly to the hotel. Very bad service as soon as they got the money, they will just leave you. Never deal with them. It is scam....."

Kajsa says

"If you call the costumer service you end up i India, very bad connection. The help desk seems very unprofessional. The website is also very poor, basic information is missing. You are prompted to print the booking reservation but it is not possible unless you make a print screen. Strange that an Italian bookingsite not is more updated."

Vanessa Hammer Graarup says

"It's a scam. They are only after your money. When I called them to cancel my reservation, a woman (a UK number but in India) pretended she couldn't hear me - that the connection was bad. She said I would have to call again if I wanted refunds "Sorry Mam, I can't hear you... Hello? ...Hello??" Then she hung up. I called again. A man answered, when I told him I wanted my money back he did the same "Hello, I cannot hear you, sorry, bad connection..." I told him to stop it, that he could hear me perfectly well and he responded "Ok, sorry, Madam" ... I told him to send me a confirmation on the booking being cancelled. Then I hung up. I received a poor email with this in it: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Note to users Cancellation will incur a penalty fee of 1,199.00 DKK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - My cancellation would cost me the exact same "penalty fee" as the hotel room in the first place. Even though I bought cancellation insurance. Clever. I immediately blocked the credit card I used for the reservation.."

Tal Gluck says

"I accidentally ordered one night in hotel for 9 month from now. Immediately after I have send an email to Venere customer service to cancel this reservation. Finally they answered after 8 days (on site they promise to answer within 2 working days)."

A-C S says

"We booked a hotel for four nights in Sanremo and was really surprised when we got a reciept from the hotel for 123 Euro less than we had paid I sent an email to several times and didn´t even got an answer why we had paid soo much. The hotel was also awful in every way. Never again"

David Fox says

"I stayed near Venice and was bitten every night by mosquitos"

Brad Einhorn says

"I booked a room at the Courtyard Marriot (Soho) with While I found the booking process to be easy and account team to be helpful when a small issue arose, I was greatly disappointed to find that the room that we received last night was a double room and not a King bed as booked and confirmed on our reservation page. With two young children, my wife and I get very few nights out together/non-interupted sleep, and last night was one of the rare opportunities to do that. I hope that they make an effort to repair this."

mark says

"I booked a hotel through for march 2016. I paid with my debit card entering the correct details etc. I received my confirmation within 10 minutes. Then I received an email saying that my booking was cancelled! Checking my bank I could see that the payment had been made to venere and another payment for £0 had been made to expedia. I contacted venere by telephone and was told that there had been a problem with the payment and I would need to book again. I said that I have had no problem using my card for the last year and that the money has left my account. She then said 'the money had been refunded', I replied 'so the payment details I provided were correct and there is enough money in my account and YOU are having a problem with the payment NOT ME'. I then said ' Let me book it with you over the phone', she said fine but that I couldn't use the same card that THEY were having a problem with. Why should I bend over backwards for them? I am the customer and I want to pay with my debit card and not a credit card? The problem is on their side nothing to do with me. How can a business survive with poor customer service like this? I can see that this company is part of a large group with and expedia. Reading other reviews about venere on this site I wish I hadn't wasted my time booking with them! Booking online should be easy and quick, alerting any payment problems at the point of sale, not an hour later after receiving confirmation!"

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